Employee commitment survey

Employee commitment allows an organisation to grow and become more competitive. It is a key variable in determining organisational performance.

Effectory International's employee survey shows you, in detail, how committed your employees are. More importantly, it shows you in what way your employees are committed:

  • Affective commitment: employees want to fit into the company;
  • Normative commitment: employees feel they cannot be missed;
  • Continuance commitment: employees think they do not have a better alternative.

Naturally, you aim to have only employees with affective commitment, since this has a highly positive correlation to your organisational performance. And yet you also have employees with continuance commitment, who are present but do not perform. Crucially, without this breakdown it is possible for conventional assessments of commitment to miss the underlying situation by a wide margin.

Commitment Map

Our survey will map out precisely how many negatively committed employees you have and where they are based, providing you the tools to make the required changes. You will be able to increase the number of affectively committed employees and positively influence your performance.

Moreover, we measure the level of employee engagement, employee motivation, employee loyalty, employee absenteeism and employee efficiency within your organisation.

We always show you how your results compare to our benchmarks, which clearly illustrates where you rank amongst your competitors.

Set up a successful employee survey?

Set up a successful employee survey?

Our tailor made employee surveys create a user friendly platform to open an honest and secure dialogue with your employees. Effectory's employee survey provides your organisation with a complete overview of all HR variables, including: engagement, commitment, motivation, productivity and more. Receive a free employee survey manual.

Employee survey

The 3 responses to employee survey results

After months of preparation and a successful execution, the results of your employee survey are in. The impact of the insights gained heavily depends on the reaction to the results: Will they be used to tick the box? As presentation material? Or to take action?... continue reading »

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