Join us in the new world of employee surveys!

Effectory is proud to present the latest innovation in employee surveys. With the new Effectory Response app you get 24/7 insight into how many employees have (not yet) filled in the questionnaire.

Effectory International is dedicated to sharing insights that will jumpstart change and better performance. To instigate change, you need to have representative results. Therefore, it's essential that as many employees as possible complete the employee survey. The amount of employees that submit a questionnaire is called 'response'.

With the (free!) Effectory Response app for iPhone and iPad, you and managers throughout the organisation can easily see the response rate. Consequenty, they can remind or encourage their employees to participate in the survey. By using the app, the entire organisation can get involved in the survey.

The Reponse App

The app answers the following questions: 

  1. How many employees have completed the questionnaire (in department X)? 
  2. What are the teams with the highest and lowest responses?
  3. What was the response rate on a daily basis? 
  4. How high is our response compared to the benchmark?

Additionally, it's possible to compare groups from the entire organisation and create your own overview.

See for yourself!


Quickview 1 Quickview 2
Response rate on a daily basis Remarkable groups (total)

Download the Response App:

Respons - Effectory

The response app for Android is currently in development by the technical team of Effectory.