Team Surveys

A high functioning team is the driving force behind any company. Is there room for interaction and is there a prevailing sense of accountability? If so, you are improving your chances for better performance, innovation and job satisfaction. An inspired team can make a significant difference.

However, a high performance team isn't something that just happens out of thin air. It takes mutual respect and clear insight into the team's dynamics. Effectory can help you and your team achieve this. All with the help of either our online scan Teamie or the assistance of our experienced trainers during a workshop. Both options can really help identify anything that may be hindering your performance, such as not coming up with clear and definitive agreements. We help you and your team achieve extraordinary performance.


Online scan for teams that uncovers strengths and weaknesses when it comes to team dynamics

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Team workshops

With the help of our trainers, you can now address problem areas, as a united front

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