Global Employee Engagement Index

The Global Employee Engagement Index™The Global Employee Engagement Index™ is a global survey conducted by Effectory International that surveys the work-related opinions of employees in 52 different countries. Respondents are asked more than 100 questions each in order for Effectory International to gain a detailed insight into global work-opinions.

From the data collected, we score each country on 17 separate HR themes and from there we create a benchmarking tool that compares 52 different countries. The benchmarking tool is available for our partners, and has also been made into an interactive benchmarking tool which is available at:

Cultural difference

One of the biggest benefits of the Global Employee Engagement Index™ is that it allows complex multinational organisations to account for cultural differences in their employee survey scores. When organisations that operate internationally conduct an employee survey, it is vital that within the survey results, cultural differences are accounted for.

For example, the results of your organisation’s employee surveys reveal that your office in France scores a 6.8 for engagement and your office in Bulgaria scores a 7.2 for engagement. It would at first appear then, that your colleagues in Bulgaria are more engaged. With the help of the Global Employee Engagement Index™ we can however see that this is not necessarily the case.

Analysis reveals that the current country scores for engagement in France is 6.0, whereas the engagement score in Bulgaria is 6.8. If we compare these national scores to your organisational scores, we see that your colleagues in France are 0.8 above their national average, whereas your colleagues in Bulgaria are 0.4 above their average. We can conclude then, that comparatively, your colleagues in France are more engaged than your colleagues in Bulgaria.

By including the results of our global survey, we can therefore help your organisation gain a better and more in-depth understanding of your survey scores. Furthermore, we can help ensure that the action plans that your organisation makes based on your results are the right ones, which take into account cultural differences and score.

HR themes

The 17 key HR themes that form the basis of the Global Employee Engagement Index™ are as follows:

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