We know that employee feedback is key to building great organizations. Here’s how.

What is change management – and how to address the risks to transformational change 

Organizational change relies on people. Peoples’ concerns and the Leadership Gap need to be addressed before transformational change occurs.

Arjen Swank

9 trends that will impact HR and business in 2023  

We outline the 9 trends that HR and businesses will be dealing with in 2023. 

Arjen Swank

The 6 big HR insights from 2022

A reflection on what we’ve learnt over the past year.

Sander van Gelderen

The 5 main reasons people leave their jobs – and how to retain them 

Given the cost when an employee takes the exit, organizations need to retain employees by keeping them engaged. 

Christian de Waard

The state of HR and Employee Listening in Germany 

Discover the topics dominating HR in Germany, and the current role of employee feedback.

Klaus Konrad

Benchmarks for People Analytics and Employee Engagement 

How to use benchmarks strategically and effectively in your employee listening strategy.

Arjen Swank

How HR can improve training and development with Employee Feedback

An employee listening strategy offers HR the opportunity to identify training and development opportunities that can improve the workforce.

Guido Heezen

HR can measure DEI&B outcomes for a more successful workplace

HR strengthens a workplace’s ability to be inclusive. Employee feedback provides insights that can inform an effective DEI&B strategy.

Christian de Waard

Take the opportunity to work from abroad at Effectory

Nina Keijsers, a Customer Success Manager at Effectory, talks about her experience making the most of our ‘Working from Abroad’ policy.

Shane Wijnhoven

Mitigate risks to digitalization using employee feedback

Digitalization is a common form of change taking place. Here’s how employee feedback can help mitigate the risks to successful digitalization.

Klaus Konrad