We know that employee feedback is key to building great organizations. Here’s how.

Benchmarks for People Analytics and Employee Engagement 

How to use benchmarks strategically and effectively in your employee listening strategy.

Arjen Swank

How HR can improve training and development with Employee Feedback

An employee listening strategy offers HR the opportunity to identify training and development opportunities that can improve the workforce.

Guido Heezen

HR can measure DEI&B outcomes for a more successful workplace

HR strengthens a workplace’s ability to be inclusive. Employee feedback provides insights that can inform an effective DEI&B strategy.

Christian de Waard

Take the opportunity to work from abroad at Effectory

Nina Keijsers, a Customer Success Manager at Effectory, talks about her experience making the most of our ‘Working from Abroad’ policy.

Shane Wijnhoven

Mitigate risks to digitalization using employee feedback

Digitalization is a common form of change taking place. Here’s how employee feedback can help mitigate the risks to successful digitalization.

Klaus Konrad

Effectory partners with Maguar Capital Partners to solidify its position as European market leader for Employee Listening Solutions

After years of continuous growth in the Netherlands, Effectory is strengthening its focus on the international market.

Guido Heezen

The Impact of Human Capability: Dave Ulrich’s World-class Workplace keynote lecture

Dave Ulrich joined the event to share ideas on how human capability delivers value to all stakeholders, thinking alongside crucial HR trends.

Nicholas Burman

This is what makes a World-class Workplace 

Here’s what the winners and our expert guests had to say about 2022 and the road to 2025.

Marlies Pellikaan

The ultimate guide to employee experience and HR

We discuss Employee Experience (EX), the employee journey, and how HR can boost employees success at every possible opportunity.

Arjen Swank

Establishing a winning end-to-end employee listening strategy

Insights from a expert Roundtable held in partnership with HRD Connect. Effectory was joined by Credit Suisse’s Martijn Seijsener.

Arjen Swank