Inspiration, insights & innovation: Effectory-LAB & 360-Feedback tool

Iulia Bogyo

During the recent World-class Workplace event our Effectory-LAB served as a breeding ground for ideas, inspiration and insights. Renowned organizations, together with consultants tackled the most pressing challenges of 2024.

Inspiration, insights & innovation: Effectory-LAB & 360-Feedback tool

In addition to these interactive workshops, the event also provided an opportunity to explore innovations in product development at Effectory. We presented our two latest developments, the 360-Feedback tool and AI-driven Text Analytics, providing attendees a sneak peek.  

Let’s dive into the major challenges and best practices that emerged during the Effectory-Lab sessions.  

Effectory-LAB: Challenges, insights & intervention opportunities  

In the Effectory-LAB participants were divided into groups. Professionals from various industries discussed their questions, ideas, and solutions, shedding light on fascinating insights into the future of HR. 

The major HR challenges  

Representatives from leading companies like Mediq,, Alliander, and Evos discussed their issues in balancing rapid growth while maintaining their unique company culture. Three key topics emerged:  

  1. The importance of employee retention
  2. The necessity for a talent acquisition strategy
  3. Recognizing crucial moments in the employee experience

Organizations that decide to address these points strategically position themselves for the future. It’s about more than attracting top talent; it’s about retaining talent and proactively responding to potential departures. 

4 Predictors of employee turnover  

At Effectory, we’ve identified several common indicators that an employee may be considering leaving an organization:  

  • A sense of insecurity about openly communicating with management.
  • Experiencing a lack of alignment with the organization’s culture.
  • A perception of low work pressure.
  • Insufficient clarity about the team’s objectives. 

This underscores the importance of understanding and acting on employees’ needs to prevent and reduce turnover. 

During the group discussions in the Effectory-LAB workshop, various organizations shared their forward-thinking solutions.

The State of Employee Retention

Uncover why employees leave, hidden costs to organizations, and proven retention strategies in our insightful report.


Organizational solutions: Intranet and an employee panel  

One stimulating idea was the evolution of the intranet platform. Imagine a platform where employees offer their skills, creating a dynamic talent pool that’s flexibly deployable across various projects. This innovation could enhance collaboration within and between teams, while also contributing to operational efficiency. 

This is a topic our Effectory team has been working on as well, resulting in exciting new tools to improve your performance management.  

Innovation in Performance Management  

We are soon introducing an advanced approach to performance management called 360 Feedback. As part of our MyPerformance suite, this method provides a holistic overview of individual performances. 

The strength of this approach lies in transcending traditional management styles and motivating employees in their development. 

In MyPerformance, we integrate essential elements for personal success, including goal setting and tracking via an OKR framework, one-on-one scheduling, tracking, and integration of L&D. 

With MyPerformance suite we will equip you and your teams with a robust self-development tool. 

An interactive 360-Feedback session

During the event, visitors had the chance to see the 360 Feedback tool in action. 

The feedback process has been simplified with ready-made templates, but also allows for customization by building your own questionnaire. You choose your own feedback circle to exchange 360 feedback. This development is the first of many steps toward realizing a complete MyPerformance solution. 

After the demo, guests were invited to participate in a short survey to share their impressions and feedback about these new tools. Interested? You’ll need to be patient, as the 360 Feedback tool launches at the end of 2024. 

Parallel to 360 Feedback, we are working on Text Analytics, an AI-driven tool to make analyzing your results even easier. 

Text analysis with AI-integration 

Manual analysis of open-ended survey responses is time-consuming. With some help from AI, we will soon provide you with deep analyses of the feedback organizations receive from surveys. 

With this new technology, we aim to enable your organization to understand complex data and gain meaningful insights that help refine strategies and improve overall brand interaction.

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