LOGIT Effectory becomes Effectory

Europe’s leading provider of employee listening solutions announces consistent brand image

Marlies Pellikaan

Effectory strengthens Supervisory Board

We are excited to announce that two external members, Idgar van Kippersluis and Quintin Schevernels, will be joining Effectory's Supervisory Board.

Marlies Pellikaan

Updates to our Privacy Policy

Here is a quick summary of our recent data protection changes in accordance with the GDPR.

Employee engagement definition

What is employee engagement? Why does it matter to my company? Read what it means to be engaged as an employee and the implications on companies and customers.

Marlies Pellikaan

The key role of HR in employee surveys

HR has a key role in both facilitating and communicating the survey process, as well as ensuring that the relevant insights are shared transparently. 

Marlies Pellikaan

How to handle the results of an employee survey in an unsafe environment

The results of an employee survey are in, but how do you share them in an unsafe work environment? Learn how to enable work space safety and drive conversation.

Anoek Neele

Gathering feedback throughout the entire employee journey

Why gather information during the employee journey? Getting feedback from employees at all stages of employment will help your organisation improve, sustainably

Marlies Pellikaan

Thirty percent of Dutch employees believe that their work can be more efficient

We know that 86 percent of Dutch are happy with their work, but are they reaching efficiency in their daily jobs? Find out.

Suzanne Mancini

5 steps to create impactful employee surveys

During the employee survey process it’s vital that each step is well thought out, well executed and creates impact. This practical blog series offers HR....

Arne Barends

How does what people want from work differ per region?

Employees within each region of the world want something a little different from work.

Arne Barends