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Empower your teams to take charge and excel together:

  • Foster team independence, inclusivity, and sustainable growth
  • Enhance team dynamics and increase overall productivity
  • Fuel organizational success through high-performing teams
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Empower your teams to take charge and excel together:

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Why the Team Development Scan?

Quick and Easy Tool

Quick and Easy Tool

Empower your teams to take charge of their own dynamics and collaboration. Our Team Development Scan is a convenient and user-friendly tool that can be set up with a few clicks and completed in just a couple of minutes. With readily available questions, teams can quickly embark on their journey of improvement. It’s as simple as that!

Unlimited Scans

Unlimited Scans

Create an environment where teams can continuously evolve, learn, and grow. Unlike traditional one-time assessments, the Team Development Scan is an ongoing solution for monitoring and strengthening team performance. With this dynamic tool, teams can run scans as frequently as needed, allowing for constant evaluation and improvement.

Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

Enable your teams to uncover key areas for improvement and spark meaningful discussions. Our intuitive dashboard offers valuable tips and useful exercises that teams can access independently. With these resources, they can take actionable steps and make significant strides towards their goals.

Team development made simple: How it works

Team Development Model

Guide Your Teams to Address What’s Beneath the Surface

Our Team Development Scan is built upon a four-phase model consisting of four key characteristics that make an effective team. When a team demonstrates them all, they achieve the best performance together.

The first two characteristics are “above the surface,” like the tip of an iceberg: easy to identify and discuss, representing the most obvious aspects of a team. The third and fourth characteristics go deeper, “beneath the surface.” They focus on aspects that are less tangible but absolutely critical for teams to perform well.

Team Development Questionnaire

Develop Your Teams With Scientifically Validated Questions

With carefully crafted questions based on leading theories in team dynamics and performance, the Team Development Scan delves into critical themes, including:

  • Clear Goals & Responsibilities
  • Proper Alignment of Tasks
  • Good Team Dynamics
  • Bringing out the Best
  • Team Performance
  • Positive Work Perception

Our scan consists of 30 fixed questions and takes only five minutes to complete, ensuring that team members can easily provide input without disrupting their workflow.

Team Development Dashboard

Enable Teams to Access Their Results Through our Intuitive Dashboard

Empower your teams to be actively involved not only in the survey creation but also in the analysis of their results. With just a few clicks, team members gain direct access to the dashboard, where they can view their progress. This approach fosters a culture of self-sufficiency and independence, leading to strong, autonomous teams that are proactive in driving their success.

Team Development Exercises

Empower Teams to Move From Results to Action and Continuous Improvement

Our dashboard offers helpful tips and exercises designed to spark productive discussions and help teams take action based on their results. Teams can run a scan whenever they feel the need to evaluate their performance and dynamics. As a result, teams take control of their own progress and encourage positive changes throughout your entire organization.

Manuel Talavera

Manuel Talavera

Grupo Catalana Occidente

We can change technology, systems and operations, but it is our people who are in charge of managing all these changes. That’s why we need to know how people feel.

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What’s in it for me?

Sustainable Growth

Foster a culture of continuous improvement and sustainable growth within your organization by giving your teams the right tool to grow, develop, and succeed in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Build High-Performing Teams

Boost team dynamics, drive engagement, and maximize overall performance within your organization.

Drive Organizational Success

Empower your teams with essential tools and knowledge to pave the way to organizational success.

Transparency & Inclusivity

Create a transparent and inclusive work environment by giving every team in your organization a voice and taking action based on their insights.

Save Time and Costs

The Team Development Scan is conveniently designed to save valuable time and effort for HR. With streamlined survey creation and effortless result processing, you can focus on what matters most. Leverage the simplicity of our user-friendly solution.

Retain Talent

Harness the power of the Team Development Scan to cultivate highly effective teams and nurture employee happiness, resulting in reduced turnover rates and a thriving organization.

Improved Team Dynamics

Positive team dynamics are the foundation of successful teams. Elevate the way your team members collaborate and interact with one another. Foster a cohesive and productive working environment.

Productive Teams

Positive work outcomes are driven by happiness and collaboration within teams. When team members are content and work together harmoniously, the result is a significant boost in productivity, creativity, and overall success.

Practical Tips and Exercises

Our Team Development Scan comes with useful tips and exercises designed to facilitate effective dialogues and enable positive change within your teams.

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