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Set the stage for long-term success with Effectory’s Strategic Fitness Model:

  • Gain in-depth insights with our science-backed survey
  • Achieve company-wide alignment with strategic clarity
  • Drive employee engagement and elevate performance
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Set the stage for long-term success with Effectory's Strategic Fitness Model:

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Why the Strategic Fitness Model should be your next move

Scientific Foundation

Scientific Foundation

Navigate your organization’s strategy with confidence. Our comprehensive, evidence-based model is backed by extensive research, designed to guide you every step of the way.

Multi-Layered Insights

Multi-Layered Insights

Gain detailed insights that span across your entire organizational structure. Apply this nuanced understanding to make well-informed, calculated decisions.

Long-Lasting Success

Long-Lasting Success

Assess your performance environment and employee engagement through employee feedback. Use this data to create a workplace where your people can thrive.

A simple path to a complex goal: how it works

Science-Backed Framework

Get Metrics That Really Matter

Our solid 22-question framework focuses on Employee Engagement and Performance Environment—critical aspects for your organization’s success. The Strategic Fitness Model dives into each segment, offering actionable data to guide your strategic goals.

Multi-Level Reporting

Know Your Organization Inside-Out

Gain insights on every organizational level, from departmental teams to C-level executives, all presented in a clear, easy-to-understand report. Share these findings within your organization to promote a culture of transparency and continuous improvement.


Benchmark Your Progress and Stay Ahead of the Curve

Compare your metrics against various benchmarks—industry-specific, geographical, or even inter-departmental—to gain a precise understanding of your position in the competitive landscape. This approach makes it easy to identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

Strategic Alignment

Unite Your Teams Toward Common Goals

Align your entire workforce by linking strategic goals with real-time employee feedback. Use our platform to turn this data into actionable steps. The result is an organization that moves toward common objectives, driving performance and enhancing employee satisfaction.

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Gain a better understanding of Effectory’s Strategic Fitness Model and its benefits for your organization. Our whitepaper guides you through the model step-by-step, offering practical tips tailored for HR Managers. A must-read for leaders seeking to make strategic decisions grounded in employee insights.

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Manuel Talavera

Manuel Talavera

Grupo Catalana Occidente

We can change technology, systems and operations, but it is our people who are in charge of managing all these changes. That’s why we need to know how people feel.

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Secure Long-term Profitability

Act on strategic insights to remain competitive and ensure the long-term success of your organization.

Achieve Cohesive Strategic Alignment

Ensure every department is aligned with your overall business strategy, reducing friction and increasing efficiency.

Simplify Talent Management

Use actionable data to improve hiring, reduce turnover, and set everyone up for success.

Craft Smarter HR Strategies

Adapt to changing organizational needs through real-time, data-driven insights. Make more informed HR decisions.

Boost Team Morale

Act on key engagement metrics to build a happier, more engaged and productive team.

Manage Teams Around Shared Objectives

Lead more effectively by understanding the distinct needs and performance metrics of each department or team.

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