We are Effectory

From our headquarters in Amsterdam and our offices in Amsterdam and Cape Town, 200 enthusiastic specialists support more than 1000 organizations in 70 countries around the world. We are passionate about people and data and are motivated to encourage change. With our employee feedback tools, we make a worldwide contribution to improving organizations from within.

We believe in the power of people

Your employees see, hear and experience every aspect of your business. They hold the key to great customer service, creative strategies and innovative solutions. Effectory helps organizations engage and tap into the insights, ideas, and feedback of their employees.

And we don't just stop there. We make sure that the feedback gathered inspires change and impact in the organization, either at an individual, team or organizational level.

Why choose Effectory

Access to market leading feedback tools on a personalized platform
User-friendly apps & tools that make obtaining feedback enjoyable for everyone
Personalized support from our dedicated specialists
  • We can help you

    The input you need to improve your organization is closer than you think. Your employees are the ones who know you best. Why not involve them by asking for their ideas, opinions and suggestions for improvements? We have developed a variety of feedback tools to help you give your employees a voice.

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  • We go above and beyond

    At Effectory, we combine expertise, technology and science to offer the very best service. While our 100% customizable feedback tools are easy-to-use and cost efficient, our service teams are ready to help you at any point along the feedback journey.

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  • Your data is safe with us

    We are serious about data. We go out of our way to secure the information we receive for our clients and their employees. That's why we are ISO/IEC 27001 certified; we ensure the required levels of confidentiality, integrity and availability of your Personally Identifiable Information.

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