We are Effectory

We are 150 engaged, passionate employees, who work hard to create the most innovative and useful employee feedback tools. We help organisations improve by gathering the feedback and knowledge from their employees themselves. Our goal is to enable organisational improvement, and increase work enjoyment.

We believe

The sustainable employers are key for:

  • A high performing organisation
  • An attractive living and working environment
  • Faster innovations in products and services
  • A world in which responsibility is felt by each other

You don't have to look far if you want to become a sustainable employer! The insights and ideas from employees themselves will help you to achieve this. Ideas on how to become more customer focuses, on efficiency, and where improvement lies are all found within your employees themselves.

Feedback is only really an advantage when something is done with it. When it has impact. This is our goal at Effectory. It's important that everyone on your organisation is enabled with the right tools in order to get concrete targeted feedback.

Why choose Effectory

One platform for all your feedback tools
User friendly apps & tools that make the survey as successful as possible
150 engaged and committed professionals
  • We help you

    With the feedback and input from your employees, you can improve your organisation from the inside out. Employees will gladly contribute, and are happy to know that their input is listened to. This is something that we understand, and why we've developed feedback tools to help you and your employees.

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  • The optimum mix of technology and service

    The optimum mix of technology and service. The feedback tools we've developed work incredibly well together. This allows us to serve any organisation from the simplest team set-ups, to the largest and most complex global players. At Effectory, you'll not only get the tools but also the ease of mind of a completely successful project. Any of our feedback tools are 100% customisable – allowing you the flexibility you need.

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  • Your data is safe

    We put your data safety first. Effectory has the latest security measures in place and meets international compliance standards. Amongst others we are ISO/IEC 27001 certified to ensure the required levels of confidentiality, integrity and availability of your Personal Identifiable Information.

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