Effectory and the Community

Effectory International takes its social responsibility very seriously. Every year, our team produces numerous publications and participates in lectures at schools, universities and community groups. Effectory International also has a progressive personnel policy and a strict recycling policy. We prefer digital communications and make sure that trees are planted to balance our paper use. Travel is kept to a minimum. When travel is necessary we encourage use of public transport, socially responsible airlines and contribute voluntary fees towards carbon offsetting to minimise our impact on the environment.


Each year Effectory International conducts a free employee survey for a recognised charity. All organisations that are accredited by the Accrediting Bureau for Fundraising Organisations (ABFO) are eligible for this service.

Effectory has, so far, carried out a free employee survey for the following organisations:

In addition, Effectory also sponsors:

If your non-profit organisation is accredited by the ABFO and you are interested in an employee survey, please email us at inquiries@effectory.com - tell us why you would like to be considered for a free employee survey. Effectory International will contact you as soon as possible.