Effectory and Personio enter data integration partnership

Anna Eliseeva

Effectory, European market leader in employee feedback, is partnering with Personio, a leading HR software provider in Europe for small and medium-sized enterprises. The new integration allows Personio customers to transfer employee data seamlessly and automatically to Effectory. This allows Personio customers, mostly HR departments, to use employee feedback more efficiently for their business.

Effectory and Personio enter data integration partnership

Easily up-to-date data

The collaboration ensures that employee data is always up-to-date in Effectory. In addition, new users automatically gain access to Effectory as soon as they are created in Personio. Supervisors or HR managers always have the right information about all employees at their disposal. In the future, employee data will be transferred fully automatically via an interface from Personio to Effectory – saving time and minimising the error rate compared to manual transfer.  

Feedback culture

A strong feedback culture helps motivate employees and retain skilled employees – which is more important than ever in these times of growing economic uncertainty. HR leaders and people teams play an important role in developing retention strategies. They need to ensure that the relationship between employees, managers, and the rest of the organisation is smooth and clearly defined. By systematically analysing employee engagement, negative trends become quickly and clearly visible. This can then be acted upon, which in turn has a positive effect on both team productivity and business performance. 

“We are excited about the automation this integration brings to our customers,” says Sander van Gelderen, CMO and CPO at Effectory. “It simplifies complex HR processes. This gives HR managers more time to focus on the opportunities and challenges of the job market. That is ultimately our goal, and Personio shares our values in this area.”   

More time for employees  

Thanks to the new, streamlined process, HR teams can now focus on improving the employee experience and culture. “Employee satisfaction is increasingly becoming a focus for HR managers. Therefore, it is crucial to use appropriate solutions to engage employees, keep them engaged and capture their sentiment effectively,” said Hugues Vincent, Head of Product Partnerships at Personio. “With Effectory, HR leaders can make the data-driven decisions they need to drive their business forward. The new integration simplifies data alignment between our solutions, giving our customers more time to focus on what’s important: their people.”

Learn more about the Personio x Effectory integration

Learn more about the Personio x Effectory integration.

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