The power of employee feedback – Effectory x The HR Congress Forum

Watch an HR Congress Forum presents session, hosted by Effectory, about the potential of employee feedback featuring HR specialists from Exact and Körber.

Marlies Pellikaan

Measuring employee engagement: Effectory’s parameters

Measuring employee engagement is possible with employee survey. Read our Effectory's article: discover how to measure engagement and the engagement parameters

Guido Heezen

Employee Feedback

What are the different employee feedback methods and how to request feedback in the most effective way to avoid feedback fatigue

Marlies Pellikaan

How to give feedback to your boss? Importance of feedback in leadership development

What is the best way to deliver feedback to leadership? And how can you, as a leader, open yourself up to it?

Marlies Pellikaan

Feedback maturity: the art of listening

An intelligently designed listening landscape does mean asking the right people the right questions at the right moment. And doing something with what you hear.

Merel van der Lei

Employees are always eager to answer these feedback questions

If you really want to make good use of feedback, you need to ask questions about topics that employees actually want to talk about.

Arne Barends

Only tech and touch employee feedback ensures real impact

Feedback of employees is an important indicator to ensure that they can actually use their potential. But how do you manage this further?

Charly Landman

The similarity between companies

What is the secret of successful companies? Read more about the three interests that must be in balance and about the most important factor: positive energy.

Guido Heezen

Employee turnover

For companies with satisfied employees, employee turnover is seldom a problem. Read on for 5 tips against unnecessary costs caused by high employee turnover.

Manoe Dentener

Zukunft Personal: HR fair in Cologne, Germany

Read on to find more information about one of the most important fairs in Europe, where Effectory International will be present from 17 until 19 September.

Amilcar van Mulier