How Employee Surveys can Help You get More Investors on Board: Unlocking the Benefits of an Engaged Workforce  

7 employee stats you should be measuring and presenting in your next investor pitch.

Anna Eliseeva

15 steps to ignite a feedback culture in your organization. Part 2: Effectory Case Study

At Effectory, giving and receiving feedback is an integral part of our culture. In a conversation with CEO Christian de Waard and Chief Strategy Officer Don Griffioen, we pieced together the story of Effectory's feedback culture and how we’ve built it.

Anna Eliseeva

Ignite a Feedback Culture in Your Organization. Part 1: The Building Blocks  

The seven building blocks of a robust feedback culture and why having a feedback culture is so important for your organization.

Anna Eliseeva

The state of HR and Employee Listening in Germany 

Discover the topics dominating HR in Germany, and the current role of employee feedback.

Klaus Konrad

The power of employee feedback – Effectory x The HR Congress Forum

Watch an HR Congress Forum presents session, hosted by Effectory, about the potential of employee feedback featuring HR specialists from Exact and Körber.

Marlies Pellikaan

Measuring employee engagement: Effectory’s parameters

Measuring employee engagement is possible with employee survey. Read our Effectory's article: discover how to measure engagement and the engagement parameters

Guido Heezen

Employee Feedback

What are the different employee feedback methods and how to request feedback in the most effective way to avoid feedback fatigue

Marlies Pellikaan

How to give feedback to your boss? Importance of feedback in leadership development

What is the best way to deliver feedback to leadership? And how can you, as a leader, open yourself up to it?

Marlies Pellikaan

More than an employee survey – Effectory’s feedback tools

Collecting feedback that covers the entire employee experience. Are you doing this already? And, are you familiar with the tools Effectory offers for this?

Suzanne Mancini

Feedback maturity: the art of listening

An intelligently designed listening landscape does mean asking the right people the right questions at the right moment. And doing something with what you hear.

Merel van der Lei