World-class Workplace event 2024: Continuity: Past, Present, and Future

Zeynep Ruijter

This year, the World-class Workplace award ceremony was particularly special, as we celebrated its 25th edition, honoring the dedication and achievements of the very best employers. 

World-class Workplace event 2024: Continuity: Past, Present, and Future  

For the first time, the event was held at the new Effectory headquarters in the heart of Amsterdam. 

Upon arrival at the hub, guests received a warm welcome from our host, Irene Rompa, before she gave the floor to our CEO, Christian de Waard, who kicked off the event. 

25 years of World-class Workplace

In line with this year’s theme, “Continuity: Past, Present, Future,” Christian shared some early memories of the World-class Workplace event: 

I can still remember when we used to deliver cakes to the best employers by car – that’s how it was 25 years ago,” he says.   

Today, a quarter century later, the World-class Workplace event has grown into a platform where organizations from all sectors come together to share insights and form meaningful connections.  

HR hiccups, workshops, and oracle predictions

Reaching such a milestone and continuing to grow requires learning from both past and present. This concept was central to the ‘HR Hiccups’ session, where Christian offered an honest look back at Effectory’s evolution. He stressed the importance of continuous feedback, analysis, and adaptation—not just for employee satisfaction but also for ongoing organizational success. 

Adding to this theme of reflection, the ‘HR-History’ session turned the spotlight on the SIG Foundation, an important advocate for people with disabilities. Astrid Reulen, Cluster Manager and Acting Director of SIG Foundation spoke passionately about the foundation’s journey, and the challenges they overcame to be among the winners for the second year in a row. “When you ask employees for their opinions, it is important that you do something with them; then they see that they actually have an impact on what happens in the organization,” said Astrid.   

Moving forward, guests had the opportunity to engage in quick ‘speed dates’ with HR experts, who shared their insights for up to five minutes. Additionally, valuable insights were gained during the interactive workshops in the Effectory-LAB. 

A highlight for the guests was the possibility to have their future predicted by a real oracle. One of our customers shared that the predictions were surprising, yet often confirmed what was already suspected. ‘Think less and do more,’ advised the oracle, a piece of guidance that she agreed with. 

With activities in every corner of the Effectory HQ, guests fully explored the space. The lively afternoon led into the evening’s main event—the World-class Workplace award ceremony. 

Meet this year’s World-class Workplace winners

This year, two outstanding employers had their well-deserved moment in the spotlight, recognized for their excellent employership. The winners were chosen based on feedback from their own employees. Their wins demonstrate that they have built positive and healthy work environments. 

This year’s World-class Workplace winners:  

  • Best employer in the Netherlands with more than 1,000 employees: Frankeland Group; 
  • Best employer in the Netherlands with less than 1000 employees: Adviesbureau De Vaart. 

For a complete list of all proud label holders, you can view the full list here.  

The future of World-class Workplaces

As we wrap up a successful event, our sights are already set on the future. We’re focused on engaging with organizations eager to cultivate workplaces that support not just professional growth but also personal wellbeing. 

With the World-class Workplace label, we aim to keep inspiring and encouraging this passion and commitment.  

Interested in creating a World-class Workplace of your own? Request a demo to get started. 

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