Discover the World-class Workplace global winners of 2024

Zeynep Ruijter

Every April, Effectory celebrates the World-class Workplaces who have created excellent environments with the voices of their employees. We recently did a recap of this year’s World-class Workplace event and announced the award winners from the Netherlands – take a look at our previous blog post for all the details. Now, it’s time to spotlight the global champions. 

Discover the World-class Workplace global winners of 2024

Meet the global winners

A huge congratulations to Icelandair for being recognized as the ‘Best globally with more than 1000 employees,” and a big round of applause to Angel Trains for earning the title of ‘Best globally with up to 1000 employees.’  

For Icelandair, this marks the second time receiving the World-class Workplace award, highlighting their ongoing dedication to their people. We’re incredibly proud to work together with such remarkable organizations. 

A commitment to excellence 

Icelandair and Angel Trains have shown a strong commitment to their employees by consistently valuing their feedback.  

Both organizations have conducted the World-class Workplace Scan and exceeded Effectory’s benchmarks for employership. What makes this recognition especially significant is that it’s awarded based on 100% feedback from those who experience the company culture firsthand — the employees. 

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What winning really means

The benefits of being recognized as a World-class Workplace are significant. Award winners tend to see 21% higher productivity and attract 50% more job applicants. There’s also a notable 13% boost in employee engagement

But perhaps more importantly, World-class Workplace organizations are known for their positive and open cultures and their openness to new perspectives and suggestions for improvement.  

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The importance of continuous employee feedback

The consistent effort to gather and act on employee feedback sets our winners apart. These organizations use surveys strategically to engage in a continuous conversation with their employees. This approach helps them make informed decisions and better meet employees’ needs. 

Become a World-class Workplace 

The World-class Workplace label highlights that an organization is listening and acting on their employees’ feedback to foster a more sustainable and resilient workplace.  

We encourage all organizations to consider how the World-class Workplace Scan could improve their own practices. The Scan offers invaluable insights and can be the first step towards transforming your organizational culture from the inside out, leading to real and measurable improvements in your workplace environment. 

Why not you? 

Thinking your organization could be the next winner? Find out by trying the World-class Workplace Scan. It’s an opportunity to identify your organization’s strengths and areas for improvement, setting the stage for lasting positive changes in your work environment. 

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