Join the Club of World-class Workplaces and Set Your Organization Apart 

Iulia Bogyo

Have you ever wondered what sets outstanding employers apart? Each year, Effectory provides that answer by awarding the World-class Workplace label to organizations that stand out based on authentic employee feedback.  

Join the Club of World-class Workplaces and Set Your Organization Apart 

With 2023 almost behind us, now is the perfect moment to conduct your World-class Workplace Scan and see if you qualify for this prestigious recognition.  

Big names like Tony’s Chocolonely, Atradius, Allseas, and Levi9 have taken steps to listen to their employees and are now proudly wearing the World-class Workplace label. And they’re not alone. Over the past two years, 300+ other organizations have also received this honor. Will you join them? 

Why should you join the club? 

The World-class Workplace is more than just a label; it’s a strong message to the world—and to potential employees—that your organization is truly exceptional. This isn’t just our opinion. 

The label is awarded based on a rigorous survey involving 1 million employees. Only organizations that exceed the national benchmarks in Employer Excellence earn the title of a World-class Workplace. 

And the best part? Each April, we host an exclusive event filled with awards, cake, and engaging activities to honor organizations that lead the way. 

Watch the World-class Workplace 2023 highlights video »  

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What is employer excellence? 

Being a good employer goes beyond just running a business. It’s about building a workplace where people feel appreciated, motivated, and fully involved in their work. At the core of this is a dedication to getting to know what your employees need, making them feel they belong, and helping everyone work towards the same goals.  

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Why being a World-class Workplace matters

This recognition has real-world implications that benefit everyone involved—employees, leaders, and stakeholders alike. It’s a clear signal of excellence that touches various aspects of your business, from brand reputation to employee satisfaction: 

Strengthen your brand 

Stand out by visibly showcasing your dedication to creating a fair and positive workplace. People talk. Especially when they love where they work. Become the company everyone is talking about for the right reasons.   

Become a talent magnet 

Use the label to your advantage in the competitive talent acquisition landscape. Imagine not having to chase talent because it comes looking for you.

Get media exposure 

Benefit from being featured in Effectory’s press releases, news articles, podcasts, social media posts, and more. Your story, your values, and your work culture will be shared far and wide. 

Winners of World-class Workplace 2022-2023

Earlier this year, we had a blast celebrating the World-class Workplaces of 2022-2023. The event was memorable for many reasons, including insightful keynote speeches, delicious food, and an amazing cruise through the canals of Amsterdam. 

Equally important was our commitment to sustainability. We’re aware that hosting a physical event can have environmental consequences. That’s why we took thoughtful steps to ensure every part of the event was as sustainable as possible. We’re proud with the outcome and invite you to read more about our eco-friendly initiatives at the event.

Your time to shine is now!

World-class Workplace scans are available to all organizations, but hurry – time is running out! To be eligible for the World-class Workplace award you need to conduct the scan before the end of the year. 

Are you committed to making your workplace the best it can be? Then this opportunity is for you. 

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