Effectory COVID-19 Workforce Pulse

  1. Effectory COVID-19 Workforce Pulse: bounce back faster and stronger after the crisis

    Use our COVID-19 Workforce Pulses to gain insights in employees' wellbeing, enablement & communication to bounce back faster and stronger. Stay in touch with your people, no matter the distance. Learn about the impact of COVID-19 on your business continuity and on employee wellbeing, during the each of the phases you are going through: 1) responding to the crisis 2) rethinking what you are doing 3) recovering for the future.

  2. Respond. Rethink. Recover.

    1) Respond: when uncertainty hits you, it is crucial to respond clearly. Listening to your employees will help you connect to their experiences and to stay on top of developments. 2) Rethink: Embrace the opportunities for a reset and prepare for the future. How do your employees envision what you do and the way you work now? 3) Recover: Set the stage for your recovery. Which new opportunities do your employees see for a relevant business?

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