Effectory COVID-19 Workforce Pulse

  1. No excuses. It’s time to listen to your employees.

    Listening to your employees’ experiences, wishes and ideas now will help you to keep going through the coming months, affirm your organization’s reason for being and continue to strengthen your long-term position. Use our COVID-19 Workforce Pulses to gain insights in employees’ wellbeing, enablement & communication to bounce back faster and stronger.

  2. Respond. Rethink. Recover.

    Stay in touch with your people, no matter the distance. Learn about the impact of COVID-19 on your business continuity and on employee wellbeing, during each of the phases you are going through: 1) responding to the crisis 2) rethinking what you are doing 3) recovering for the future.

  3. Request Product Information

    Respond: when uncertainty hits you, it is crucial to respond clearly. Listening to your employees will help you connect to their experiences and to stay on top of developments. Rethink: Embrace the opportunities for a reset and prepare for the future. How do your employees envision what you do and the way you work now? Recover: Set the stage for your recovery. Which new opportunities do your employees see for a relevant business? Find out more about oCOVID-19 Workforce Pulses via the form.

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