HR Analytics: Role Clarity infographic & fact sheet

Role clarity does not simply refer to job descriptions jotted down in point form as part of contractual employee agreements. Role clarity extends beyond the individual to team and organizational levels. As the months become years, do your employees know what is expected of them? As teams change and your organization grows, are your people aligned with your business purpose? Our research shows nearly 50% of employees across all sectors currently lack role clarity in the workplace.

Role clarity is the degree to which employees have a clear understanding of their tasks, responsibilities and processes at work. This clarity is not limited to their own role; it also includes that of their colleagues. Clarity is an essential precursor of productivity, and a lack thereof can cause stress and confusion. Thus role clarity is essential to reduce these feelings and improve both personal effectiveness and the organization’s overall performance.

Effectory helps organizations collect and capitalize on the feedback and ideas of their people. We provide data driven insights into 21 HR themes including role clarity, employee engagement, commitment, leadership, retention factors, customer centricity, work atmosphere and more. Get the complete snapshot of global trends about role clarity by downloading this data infographic and fact sheet.