Optimize Your Hybrid Work Setup

  1. What’s the Hybrid Working Scan?

    Designed to dive deep into your hybrid work environment, our scan provides you with an in-depth understanding of your employees’ experiences and needs, helping you identify areas of potential growth in your hybrid setup. Whether it’s team collaboration or individual wellbeing, leadership dynamics or connectivity among team members, this scan gives you a holistic view of your hybrid work setup.

  2. What can I achieve with the scan?

    The Hybrid Working Scan evaluates key factors that are crucial in a mixed on-site and remote work environment. These include teamwork, morale, productivity, and work-life balance. Our scan assesses these areas across seven core dimensions of your organization:

    • Wellbeing
    • Enablement
    • Team dynamics
    • Collaboration
    • Leadership
    • Connectedness
    • Fit for the future

  3. How can I get the Hybrid Working Scan?

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