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  1. Discover how Employee Listening is changing in the New Normal

    How HR can effectively listen to employees? How do you deal with employees while fighting the second wave of coronavirus infections? What did we learn from the first wave based on our research? In this webinar our host Arjen Swank (Engagement specialist Effectory) had a conversation with Florien de Nijs (CHRO Exact) and Guido Heezen (HR trendwatcher & founder Effectory) about listening to your employees in a fast paced environment while preparing the new normal. Watch & learn!

  2. Three key learnings from the panel

    1) Offices will not longer be the work places we knew before: they will be more areas of creativity and socialization 2) Employee performance is changing. As are leadership structures. The attention is now shifting from the amount of time employees spend working towards what employees deliver as a result 3) Company culture is also changing. Companies will have to come up with more creative ideas to engage their remote-working workforce.

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