Free webinar - November 5th - 14h CEST

  1. Panel Discussion: Listening To Your Employees While Preparing The New Normal

    How do you deal with employees while fighting the second wave of coronavirus infections? What did we learn from the first wave based on our research? In this webinar our host Arjen - Engagement specialist - will have a conversation with Effectory founder Guido Heezen about listening to your employees in a fast paced environment while preparing the new normal.

  2. 5th of November at 2pm CEST

    Sign up via the form and we'll keep you posted! You will receive a confirmation email with the link to access the webinar. The webinar takes place at the 1st of October at 14h CEST and also offers you the opportunity to share your questions.

  3. Line-up

    Speaker: Guido Heezen - HR Trendwatcher & founder Effectory Host: Arjen Swank - Engagement specialist at Effectory

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