World-class Workplace

World-class Workplace

We believe that feedback helps companies to grow. To reach their goals. To engage their people. That’s why we help companies listen, learn and then lead. Any company, worldwide. And to stimulate listening, learning and leading everywhere, we founded World-class Workplace: by opening up listening to everyone with our free and basic scan. And by recognizing and celebrating great employership when we see it.

World-class workplace labels are handed out to organizations scoring above our global benchmark on employership. The label is not for sale and based solely on the feedback of employees. For applicants proof that they end up with a good employer.

How to earn the label

We offer an easily accessible scan for all companies. We collect feedback from employees, provide actionable insights to improve employership and award labels to companies based on the opinions of their employees.

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Why enter World-class Workplace?

A reward for good employers, because good employment practices deserve recognition.
A fair quality mark, 100% based on the opinion of employees.

Employer branding

Fully independent and credible insight into the best workplaces from the perspective of the employees and competitive benchmarking.

Improve your workplace

Companies can use World-class Workplace as a tool to improve their workplace and recruitment through external branding.

HR Branding

World-class Workplace creates insight that helps HR become more successful and strategic.

The best workplaces

The best workplaces

These organizations have proven to be World-class Workplaces and have earned the quality mark. Discover which companies lead the way.

World-class Workplaces list
Discover how your people can drive your success

Discover how your people can drive your success

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