The Global Employee Engagement Index Volume 3

Employee engagement in the world has risen in 2016, but that is only the beginning of the story.

The Global Employee Engagement Index Volume 3

Global State of Employee Engagement

It's finally here! Effectory International's third Global Employee Engagement Index provides more insight into and analysis of the current global state of employee engagement than ever before. This report not only clarifies how all regions of the world are performing on a wide variety of HR themes, but it also clearly makes the business case for chasing employee engagement. In an increasingly volatile world where organisations need their people more than ever to innovate, to meet ever-changing market demands and respond to high-paced developments, engaged employees are incredibly valuable assets for any type of organisation.

Through solid statistical data on and careful analysis of 86 different work factors, we are happy to note that global employee engagement has risen by 3.7% over the last two years with positive outliers found in Africa, North-America and South-America. Asia, Europe and Oceania tend to perform less well.

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The global employee engagement indexIn the report we discuss regional trends, the scores and, discuss the changes in results from our last global survey for the 17 most important HR themes. The study aims to provide insight that can help businesses to drive employee engagement and commitment, as well as insight into the latest global work trends. 

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Key factors in Employee Engagement

In identifying what employees actually want from work and how this differs by region, we have found company culture, the freedom to work and perform, exceptional leaders and inspiring immediate managers to be the key factors in employee engagement. A clear goal and a match between the employee and what the company stands for helps tremendously, especially when this is communicated clearly by accessible and visionary C-suite executives. On a level closer to the employee, having an immediate manager with people skills that entrusts his or her employees with a large level of autonomy is what really makes the difference in employee engagement.

Although this core framework of key engagement drivers applies globally, interesting observations can be made when comparing different parts of the world, different industries as well as employee age and tenure. Moreover, based on what we know drives engagement, we are also able to highlight why engaged and committed employees leave. Crucial information, as this is the group of employees you would like to keep most of all!

Building on real-life examples and best practices encountered by Effectory in its global employee survey activities, the report even goes one step further. It effectively translates global engagement trends into tangible scenarios and examples that are easily recognisable within your organisation, too.

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