Experience the Magic: Effectory’s Thrilling 3 Days at Zukunft Personal

Volker Grümmer

What happens when a dedicated team from Effectory attends Zukunft Personal, one of Europe’s most influential HR events? We came prepared to learn, share, and engage—and we left with insights and experiences that surpassed our expectations! Curious to see how those three days unfolded for us? Continue below for the full story and highlights video. 

Experience the Magic: Effectory’s Thrilling 3 Days at Zukunft Personal

What is Zukunft Personal?

When it comes to the who’s who and what’s what of the HR world, Zukunft Personal is the place to be. Zukunft Personal is Europe’s leading expo focused on Human Resources. It serves as a hub where industry professionals can gather to discuss HR topics ranging from leadership and employee engagement to the latest technological solutions. The event offers a platform for open dialogue, networking, and the sharing of ideas across various sectors within HR. 

For Effectory, the expo was an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and broaden its understanding of the German HR market. And naturally, a chance to engage with professionals who are as passionate about employee feedback as we are.  

This is how we made our presence felt: 

Our booth: the heart of interaction

The heart of our participation was the booth, and it was always buzzing with activity. Over the three-day expo, we engaged with hundreds of attendees, including our partners, thought leaders, customers, and HR leaders from various sectors. Beyond the exchange of business cards, we had meaningful conversations and forged new relationships in the HR community. 

The live survey: taking the pulse of the event

Much like breathing, feedback comes naturally to us, making listening an ingrained habit. At the event, we conducted a live survey with 268 participants. This survey had dual purposes: it facilitated engagement with attendees and helped us identify emerging trends in the HR industry. We’ve gathered some insightful data that we can’t wait to share with you. Keep an eye on our upcoming articles for the survey results. 

Our panel discussion: spotlight on sustainability in HR

The topic of sustainability in HR is growing more significant by the day. Our panel discussion was an opportunity to delve into this topic. Led by our Managing Director in Germany, Volker Grümmer, the panel featured experts like Laura Prejlvic, HR Development Specialist at AKQUINET, and the esteemed Dr. Stephan Fischer, Professor of HR Management & Organizational Consulting at Pforzheim University. They focused on the practicalities of making sustainability in HR measurable and explored the growing influence of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) criteria in HR settings.  

Additionally, we explored how companies like AKQUINET are already using data from employee surveys for data-driven insights to optimize their HR strategies. We also learned how “evidence-based decision making” can help future-proof organizations. 

The Effectory Community Event: an unforgettable evening

Zukunft Personal was not just about the day’s events. Our evening program offered a chance to gather with our customers and partners, relax, and absorb insights at a different pace.

The program featured a keynote by Olympic swimmer Michael Gross, who discussed “The Pleasure of Losing Power – Leadership in the Digital Age.” The talk was both eye-opening and inspirational – it struck a chord with everyone and set the stage for meaningful post-event conversations.  

Looking back and looking ahead

Zukunft Personal was definitely a highlight of our year, and we’re still buzzing from the experience! But don’t just take our word for it; watch our highlights video that captures the essence of those amazing three days: 

Your invitation to join the momentum

We’re riding high on the post-Zukunft Personal wave and are already planning for the future. If you’re intrigued by our experience and insights from the event, we’d love to keep the conversation going. Feel free to reach out and be part of our community events in the future: community@effectory.com.