How to attract and retain talent

Suzanne Mancini

If you’re like us, recruiting and retaining talent to your organisation is a key function for our HR department. With the improved economic situation, a new challenge is continually faced: attracting qualified professionals and keeping them. How do you go about improving your organisational profile as an attractive employer?

How to attract and retain talent

While some of the jobs will disappear with the increasing digitisation, the actual number of vacancies is increasing. Qualified professionals who fit well with modern technologies are popular in almost all sectors.

On the move

For employees, this type of market offers ample opportunities. Someone who enjoys trends and developments, has plenty of chances to take steps in their careers and look forward to new challenges. For organisations it is important to pay close attention to recruiting, retaining and developing employees. Sustainable employment is more important than ever.

The three most effective onboarding practices

Being, and staying attractive

In the whitepaper “Attracting and retaining talent – 5 tips” we discuss the factors that can help organisations attract and retain talent:

  • Determining added value
  • A professional onboarding process
  • Playing to their strength
  • The advantage of new employees’ enthusiasm
  • Getting started on the employee journey

Want to read how these factors affect your capacity to attract and retain talent? Download the free whitepaper below.

Gratis whitepaper: Talent aantrekken en behouden – 5 tips

Hoe zorg je voor een positief onboarding proces en het aantrekken en behouden van talent? Vijf praktische tips.


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