Onboarding Survey

The three most effective onboarding practices – Effectory

Read the three most effective onboarding practices to create the best employee experience!

Marlies Pellikaan

Onboarding Process of New Employees – Effectory

Discover the onboarding process of new employees in a handy checklist!

Sanne Sant

What is onboarding? Read the definitive Effectory guide

What is onboarding? The meaning consists in all activities that lead employees in becoming familiar with their role and the organization. Learn more!

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Why is onboarding important?

Onboarding has a strong motivational effect, as employees if pleased with it are then proud of having chosen this job and this organization.

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HR onboarding trends

Find out the HR onboarding trends that makes your new employees proud of having chosen their new job at your organization.

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This is the value of professional onboarding

There’s more to onboarding than introducing yourself and explaining how the coffee machine works. Why is professional onboarding important?

Marlies Pellikaan

First impressions last: benefits of an onboarding survey

Listen and learn by using an onboarding survey to create dialogue with and capture insight from your new hires.

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Recruiting talent in 10 tips

Make a strong impact on employer branding. Ten practical tips for recruiting succesfully.

Jessica Nuboer

How to recognise a good applicant

Selection procedures have one major pitfall: they favour applicants that are great at interviews. Here are six tips when choosing a candidate.

Hadewych Van Middelaar

Having a difficult time attracting talent? Tip 1: Determine your added value

These day's talent has more options to weigh when choosing an employer. Determining your added value as a potential employer is key to attract new talent.

Marlies Pellikaan