This is the value of professional onboarding

Marlies Pellikaan

The recruitment process is done and your new employee has signed the contract. Time to get started! All these first experiences with your organization together are referred to as onboarding. And yes, there’s more to onboarding than introducing yourself and explaining how the coffee machine works. Why is professional onboarding important and what’s in it for you?

This is the value of professional onboarding

Every successful collaboration starts with a proper onboarding process. You can compare onboarding to the building of a house. The risk of it collapsing is far greater without a solid foundation.

What is employee onboarding? The definitive Effectory guide

This also goes for new employees. Without the right onboarding, there’s a higher risk of early departure. Our research shows that 20% of newbies leave their new job within 45 days. Because the reality doesn’t live up to their expectations, they don’t feel comfortable in the workspace or it’s not clear what is expected of them. In most cases, the newbie leaving so soon could’ve been prevented if their unhappiness was noticed in time!

The three most effective onboarding practices

20% of annual pay

It’s frustrating and costly when a newbie leaves. Recruiters have to start recruiting all over again and managers have wasted time and energy on welcoming a new team member. Research conducted by Heather Boushey and Sarah Jane Glynn reveals the actual cost of an employee leaving. These American researchers (Harvard University & The Washington Center for Equitable Growth) took a closer look at 30 studies about the cost of employee turnover. Their research shows that replacing an employee costs an organization approximately 20% of the employee’s annual pay.

All you need to know about the onboarding process of new employees

Employee experience in 3 easy steps

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What’s in it for you?

Onboarding is important. It’s the foundation for a good atmosphere and it’s also quite interesting business-wise. Nowadays, employees don’t stick around. They are likely to leave after a few years. That’s why you need to get them up to speed as soon as possible. To quickly become a part of your organization, your newbies need information, resources and support. If you manage to provide them with that, your return on investment is:

  • More productivity. When employees are given all they need to add value to your organization, they will do so quicker and with more confidence.
  • Less turnover. Making a good first impression increases the likelihood of your employees sticking around.
  • More commitment. When employees feel you are commitment to them, they are more likely to reciprocate that same level of commitment.

Check in after 10-25 days

Do you want to find out what your new employee thinks of the onboarding? Are you curious to find out if you’re on the right path or if people are preparing to leave? Conduct an onboarding survey! An onboarding survey starts on your newbie’s first workday. Questions about the complete onboarding experience are asked after 10-25 days. The survey is easy to fill out on a PC, tablet or smartphone. The feedback will tell you if your employee feels like a part of the organization and if tasks and responsibilities are clear. It will also help you notice the first signs of intended departure. Personalized advice is always part of the deal. Eager to find out more about this survey? We are happy to help!

Onboarding survey

Onboarding surveys of Effectory are the ultimate ways to gather relevant feedback from your newest employees, and learn from them! Discover more.

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