Employee survey- why conduct one?

Arne Barends

Employee engagement has taken center stage in recent years, and as a result debate has arisen as to whether employee surveys provide the value not conduct them. Working with both medium and enterprise org across Europe, we experience has shown us that surveys are still one of the most effective enhancement tools available for employee engagement today.

Employee survey – why conduct one?

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A well-conducted and executed employee survey helps organisations create impact by increasing key focus areas such as employee engagement, as well as improving organisational performance. A poorly conducted and executed survey will however, damage employees’ confidence in future surveys, as well as in HR.

5 steps to create impactful surveys

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The step-by-step guide to creating your employee engagement survey.


Why conduct an employee survey?

1. Creates an open dialogue with employees
When you choose to conduct an employee survey your organisation is communicating with their employees that their opinion matters and that their input is valued. Furthermore, you are providing your employees a platform on which they can be heard.

2. Allows you to assess organisational values
Ever wondered how ingrained your organisational values are in your employees? Conducting a tailored survey allows you to see the affinity that employees have with your values, and further identifies any gaps in how values are communicated. 

3. Provides valuable data and insights
Once your survey has been completed, you will have access to a wealth of valuable data and insights. For example, you can see how many employees feel they have a too much work pressure, or how many employees are looking for new jobs, as well as the levels of employee engagement and employee commitment within your organisation. 

4. Allows you to view the current state of your organisation
The results and in-depth analysis allow you to see a detailed overview of every department in your organisation. You can gain invaluable insights into which departments are performing well, and which are not.

5. Highlights the successes and challenges
In seeing the state of your organisation, you can highlight the successes and challenges in your organisation. By doing so you can make sure the challenges are addressed, whilst helping to ensure that the positives in your organisation become best practices.

The surveys we offer

6. Compares your organisation
Comparing your employee survey results with a good benchmark allows to see how your organisations stands in comparison to others. By creating such insights, it can really help you decide where to take action, and it further helps you to ensure that you do not devote unnecessary time and money to an area where it is not needed.

7. Improves organisational performance
Having highlighted the specific challenges in your organisation, you are able to facilitate a process of change and improvement. In sharing best practices uncovered by your survey, you can help share them throughout the organisation. Combined, the two help create impact and improve organisational performance.

8. Identifies long term trends
When you conduct regular employee surveys, you can compare your current scores with those from the previous survey in order to follow trends in the results. This will provide insight into the effectiveness of the improvement measures you have taken.