Because every employee can be a superhero

Jessica Nuboer

The Effectory team was in Amsterdam last week for Unleash (formally HR Tech World) showcasing our Employee Feedback Suite. We were amongst start-ups and global industry suits, with a story of how every employee can be a superhero. Here’s how we got there, and what we learned.

Because every employee can be a superhero

With so much focus turning to how burgeoning technologies like AI will influence the future of work, the changes organizations can expect will be profound. That’s why it’s so important to become as agile and flexible as possible, as quickly as possible. With that, we can expect human capital to go through significant changes where more and more emphasis will be placed on human qualities, that can’t be automated or synthesized. But in order to anticipate this new revolutionary industrial shift, organizations are going to have to consider a more human approach.

Why every employee can be a superhero

With few exceptions, nearly every Marvel superhero is some chimeric hybridization of a human. Turning them into some fantastical humanoid creature who has human emotional thoughts, feelings and struggles, but is countered by outrageous superhero capacities. Being a superhero was for the few elite, who relished in super-strength, super-sight, superspeed (etcetera), who would save helpless citizens from evil foes. It’s a story that doesn’t need explaining. But there’s a correlation that we draw, which separates the norm, from the super.

We believe in employee engagement & commitment

There are a lot of influencers on whether employees are engagement or committed. We also believe that employee feedback is one of those influencers in increasing  employee engagement and commitment to an organization. Suffice it to say, we believe that engaged and committed employees, are super-employees. Its these super-employees which will increase organizational performance by over 20%, reduce absenteeism by nearly 40%, and increase customer satisfaction by 10%. It’s a fairly simple conclusion to draw. Engaged employees help organizations remain competitive, agile, and ready for the future.

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It starts with listening

Getting your workforce to become super, starts with listening to them. They’re the ones who are on the shop floor, talking with customers on a regular basis. They’re the ones building the product or service, managing the projects, or negotiating deals. They know what can be improved upon, or what can be more efficient. It’s the human knowledge that’s within your workforce, that matters. That’s why employee feedback is so critical to an organization’s success. Not only listening to your employees, but doing something with what they’re telling you. It allows your employees to be equipped to fight against the villains of empathy, demotivation, or nonengagement. And it gives them a voice where they can be heard. 

Yes, artificial intelligence is here. Yes, robots will soon be normalized. But it’s because of these changes in technology, that its more important that ever to have superheros for employees. 

About Effectory

Based in Amsterdam, Effectory is Europe’s largest independent employee survey provider, with over 20 years of experience in helping organisations become sustainably successful. We believe the key to sustainable success, is through gathering and listening to employee feedback. To facilitate this, we offer a variety of feedback tools which enable companies to learn from their employees and improve from within. In 2016, Effectory conducted over 600 employee surveys globally, with +1.5 million respondents in over 40 languages. Effectory is mission-driven, and we pride ourselves in having engaged, passionate employees with a very open, honest and trusting working culture.