Here are the stars of 2024: World-class Workplaces revealed

Zeynep Ruijter

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here! We’re happy to reveal which organizations have distinguished themselves as World-class Workplaces. 

Here are the stars of 2024: World-class Workplaces revealed   

These leaders have gone the extra mile in creating a better work environment for their people. And their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.  

What is the World-class Workplace label? 

The World-class Workplace label is a significant mark of achievement in creating a great workplace. It’s earned through feedback from employees, assessing workforce satisfaction, and comparing it with Effectory’s benchmarks for Employee Excellence and Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).  

Organizations that achieve high Employer Excellence scores are those that have created a work environment where their employees feel at home and accepted. The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) reflects the level of employee satisfaction and loyalty within an organization.  

Only those who outperform our benchmarks are awarded the label. The best performing in different regions and industries receive special accolades at our annual World-class Workplace awards show.   

Meet the 2024 winners 

Let’s give a round of applause to the organizations that have successfully created empowering and positive workplace cultures. Find a full overview of these outstanding organizations here

Why being World-class Workplace matters 

Being recognized as a World-class Workplace is a significant achievement. This label can’t be bought – it’s 100% based on honest and anonymous employee feedback.  

The label is a powerful tool for employer branding. It proves to current and future talent that an organization values employee engagement, offers a supportive environment, and cultivates a culture where everyone feels listened to and eager to contribute. 

How to earn the label 

Any organization can participate in this scan. Earning the World-class Workplace label involves asking employees questions across four key themes: 

  • eNPS 
  • Employer Excellence 
  • Enablement 
  • Engagement 

The survey is powered by Effectory’s platform, ensuring confidentiality and data security. The results are displayed visually in our dashboard, making it easy to interpret them. 

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The results are compared to our benchmarks, which contain datasets spanning hundreds of organizations across tens of industries. Only those who score above our top box benchmark in the four key themes mentioned above earn the label.  

Past winners, such as Pathé Netherlands, Icelandair, and Grupo Catalana Occidente, have set inspiring examples. Curious to know more about being a World-class Workplace? Watch this video from the team at Grupo Catalana Occidente: 

About the annual World-class Workplace event 

Each year, the World-class Workplace awards celebrate the highest achievers in various categories. This event is also a platform where experts such as HR maestro Dave Ulrich and our community share valuable insights about the ever-evolving world of HR. 

Check out the 2023 event highlights: 

Looking ahead 

Being named a World-class Workplace goes beyond winning an award. It’s about genuinely caring for and investing in the happiness and success of employees. As we celebrate the 2024 winners, we’re eager to see which new organizations will join this list next, making their workplaces even better for their people.