Gathering employee feedback through the entire employee journey

Marlies Pellikaan

As an organisation, sustainable success should be one of your goals – and your employees play a crucial role in this. If you work with your employees, sustainable success is easier to attain, and you and your customers will be better for it. That’s why, as an employer it’s so important that you help your employees get the most enjoyment and fulfillment of the work that they do. It’s no small task. How do you ensure that you become, or stay an employer of choice? Or make sure that employees who have joined, stay with the organisation as long as possible? You have to ask your employees, and listen to their feedback to fully understand organisational strengths and areas for improvement that arise throughout the entire employee journey.

Gathering feedback throughout the entire employee journey

The employee journey

What is the employee journey exactly? Previously, we described the employee journey as consisting of the most important moments during an employees’ career at an organisation. These crucial moments can vary based on industry, sector or organisation structure, however the phases of onboarding, progress and development, and exit remain consistent.

Employee journey design

Through the employee journey design employees can pin-point room for improvement within an organisation. From the moment that they apply for a position, to getting up and running in their role, working with teams and dealing with changes, to helping clients, developing, and finally leaving their position. By using these moments to ask for feedback, you’ll gather ideas for improvement in the company. This will not only increase engagement and commitment of employees, but will improve the training process, team dynamics, and organisational processes. The result? Your organisation will continuously improve from within – you and your employees will work together for sustainable success.

In practice

Imagine that your recruitment process is functioning perfectly. More applicants flow in, than jobs are available. But, it’s been expressed in the training process that there is still room for improvement. If you don’t ask, you won’t find out where, why, and how to improve – and you may suffer losses from new recruits who don’t stick around. Missing that opportunity for improvement will be pricey in the end, costing time and money.

The result

  • You work together with your employees to achieve organisational goals
  • You attract the right people, and new recruits stay longer in the organisation
  • New employees are quickly incorporated
  • Employees work more efficiently, are engaged and enjoy their work
  • The company experience more agility and is more innovative

Get the most insightful feedback

Effectory can help you gather employee feedback at any time. Of course, it doesn’t stop at getting feedback alone. We provide a guiding hand to help you get started reaching the many opportunities available in the employee journey.