Managers and employee engagement

Rogier van der Werf

How can managers help create higher engagement at work? Being (and having) a good immediate manager has never been so important. Yet being a manager in today’s fast paced world of business is no easy task. Modern managers face multiple challenges, with time often short and expectations high. In spite of this, two thirds of employees in global companies are satisfied with their immediate manager.

Managers and employee engagement

Unfortunately, satisfaction alone is not enough. Managers are also expected to play a key role in employees’ engagement.

A helping hand is needed

At present not enough of the Global and European workforce is engaged at work. Global engagement levels are around 28% and European levels are around 27%. Not surprisingly, organisations and their CEOs are increasingly in search of higher engagement levels and they know managers are an essential part of this.

How managers can create higher engagement levels

Despite the desire for higher engagement levels, the role of managers and how they can create higher engagement is still somewhat ambiguous. From experience we have seen it is not always abundantly clear which areas managers can and should focus on. The willingness and desire from managers is certainly present, but more often than not there lacks the necessary guidance and knowledge.

Global Employee Engagement Index™

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Filling the knowledge gap

In order to help managers improve employees’ engagement at work, Effectory decided to create a comprehensive manager’s guide to engagement. The managing employee engagement in global organisations report covers all of the engagement essentials and is the result of research into managers in global organisations.

Using the insights gained from the large numbers of international employee surveys we conduct each year, we were able to pinpoint six key areas that provide the foundation for high engagement at work.

The six key areas are:

1. People management

  • 62% of employees have good contact with their manager

Are good people managers a pain in the ass?

2. Expectations & Goals

  • 59% of employees stated their manager indicates performance objectives

3. Feedback

  • Just 46% of employees responded that their manager gives positive feedback regularly

Is your manager really open to feedback?

4. Motivation

  • When managers motivate their employees, they are 4 times more likely to be engaged and committed

5. Freedom

  • One in five employees strongly agrees that they have enough freedom at work

Should you manage employees by monitoring them? Or by trusting them?

6. Development

  • 43% of employees are satisfied with the development opportunities on offer

3 ways managers can improve development opportunities

So that managers are able to take concrete action, the free report contains case studies and best practices for each of the six areas. Our near 20 years’ experience shows that by focusing on improving just one of these areas, managers can make a real difference to employees and their engagement at work.

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