Global engagement

Base your HR strategy on 2021’s employee engagement statistics

Employee engagement isn’t only important to measure, it’s essential to improve your organization. Effectory’s continuous listening solutions help you do that.

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The 2021 Global Employee Engagement Index™

Everything you need to know about employee engagement. Find out why it matters and how every organization can benefit from it.

Marlies Pellikaan

The 4 drivers of employee engagement in 2021

Effectory’s Global Employee Engagement Index™ provides the whys and the hows of great employership

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Global Employee Engagement Index

Whilst national peer group benchmarks offer valuable comparisons, there are questions surrounding the usefulness of global peer and competitor benchmarks.


Effectory’s World-class Workplace presents the best employers of 2021

Celebrating employership globally, in the Netherlands and in Germany. Effectory reveals the three highest scoring World-class Workplaces of 2021.

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Understanding the four pillars of employee engagement

Discover how the four pillars of employee engagement are measured in Effectory's Global Employee Engagement Index.

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Why measure employee engagement?

Discover why organisations should measure employee engagement and take actions to increase it.

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The significant impact of CEOs on employee engagement

If CEOs and senior management really want higher engagement levels, they would be wise to listen to employees.

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Join us at the Zukunft Personal

Join us at Germany's largest HR expo in Cologne, on September 19-21, 2017!

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One third of the employees worldwide are engaged and committed

A recent global study by Effectory revealed that on average 29% of the employee worldwide are engaged and committed in the workplace. Read more...

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