The significant impact of CEOs on employee engagement

Suzanne Mancini

A committed senior management and board is not just essential for the daily running of a business, the formulation of achievable goals and a good strategy, but it is also necessary for high engagement, commitment and trust. The foundations of a successful company start at the top.

The significant impact of CEOs on employee engagement

Although CEOs and senior managers have less contact with employees, their impact on employees’ engagement and commitment is still significant. One of the most striking findings of our multinational study was just how profound this impact is. The study found that when employees have confidence in senior management and the board, they are nine times more likely to be engaged and committed.

Energy into work

The added benefits of employees trusting CEOs and senior management aren’t solely restricted to engagement and commitment. When employee have confidence in the two, they also trust that they will be treated fairly and with respect. The consequence of such trust is that employees are able to put their energy into their work (instead of into mistrusting the organisation) and mutual trust and respect between employer and employee grows.

Engaging employees in multinationals

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What outstanding senior managers have in common

When employees have confidence in senior management they are nine times more likely to be engaged and committed. Clearly, senior managers have an enormous role to play in employees’ engagement and commitment. The question so often posed to us is:  what makes exceptional senior managers? Senior managers at the forefront of excellence share three traits:

1. Listening to employees
2. Connecting with employees
3. Creating clear organisational vision and goals

Innovative ideas

When senior managers listen to employees they know what is going on inside the organisation and on the shop floor. Listening to employees keeps them connected. Employees feel more appreciated if they know senior managers listen to them and take them seriously.

An essential component to enabling a two-way channel between senior managers and employees is ample opportunity to provide tips and suggestions. The added value of creating opportunities for two-way feedback is the creation of a win-win situation: engagement and commitment increases and organisations receive new and innovative ideas.