Engaging employees in multinationals

Arne Barends

Discover the key factors and drivers of employee engagement and commitment in multinationals.

Engaging employees in multinationals

Looking back over recent history it’s clear to see that we’ve come a long way. From a time where employees were viewed as numbers, organisations have now come to recognise the added value that employees bring. Evidence of this is apparent in just how valued engaged and committed employees have become.

The pressing questions on everyone’s agenda are now: how do we increase engagement and commitment? What should we do to increase them? And further, what are the drivers?

In order for us to address this, we’ve spent the last six months investigating employee engagement and commitment in 46 European multinationals. Our primary aim was to comprehend the key factors and to uncover what drives the two most valued HR themes. The results have revealed some fascinating insights into the current successes and challenges that multinationals are facing.

Engaging employees in multinationals

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A quick glance at the research insights

Engagement and commitment by the numbers

Employee engagement and commitment by industry

The four influencers of engagement and commitment in multinationals

One of the goals of our study of multinationals was to uncover the biggest influencers of engagement and commitment. To achieve our goal we thoroughly analysed all of the employee survey data. From using correlation analysis, we were able to see the extent to which each employee survey statement influences engagement and commitment. For practical purposes, we have selected the four biggest influencers and have also made a division within the four between general influencers and manager specific influencers.

General influencers:

1. I feel that I fit in at my organisation

2. My work energises me

Manager specific influencers:

1. Manager clearly indicates performance objectives

2. If I perform well, my manager tells me so

How managers can create higher engagement

Today’s successes and tomorrow’s challenges

In addition to the above influencers, our study also uncovered four underlying themes that are important for high levels of engagement and commitment:

  1. Efficiency
  2. Immediate managers
  3. Senior management
  4. Employee vitality and well-being

Within the four areas there is much discrepancy in how multinationals are performing. In some areas multinationals are excelling, whilst in others there is still much work to be done.

CEOs and employee engagement: why the two need each other

Key findings>

The study uncovered some groundbreaking insights into engagement and commitment in multinationals. None more so than:

  • Senior management and the board account for a ninefold difference in engagement and commitment– If employees have confidence in the board, they are nine times more likely to be engaged in their work and committed to the organisation.
  • Employee vitality and well-being is a cause for concern– Less than half of employees in multinationals report having a good work life balance, 48% reported being able to deal with stressors effectively and just 46% report a good work load.
  • Inspiring and motivational managers play a key role– when employees are motivated by their manager, they are four times more likely to be engaged and committed

Over the next 6 weeks we will release further insights into the influencers, success and challenges, and key findings. If you’re unable to wait however, the free report is available to download today.