Base your HR strategy on 2021's employee engagement statistics

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The 2021 Global Employee Engagement Index™ is the only report you need to consult about employee engagement worldwide. Based on responses from over 17,000 employees worldwide and Effectory’s expert experience, this report offers the most reliable key insights into employee engagement.

Base your HR strategy on 2021’s employee engagement statistics

Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel involved, motivated and cared for by their employers. Among other amazing benefits, high engagement results in increased productivity and lower turnover rates. Want to find out more about these benefits? Check out Effectory’s Global Employee Engagement Index™ today.  

Here are some of the headlines from our report… 

India has the highest rate of engagement out of every country 

With an impressive rate of 60.6%, India has the highest rate of employee engagement out of all the countries included in our research. 

Nigeria isn’t far behind, with 54% of its employees reporting being engaged. The third position is held by Mexico, which boasts a 52.6% rate of employee engagement. 

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Engagement rates in Europe are change dramatically between regions. Southern and Western Europe both scored well, at 35% and 34% respectively. However, the bottom three positions in our regional polling were occupied by European areas: UK & Ireland (29%), Eastern Europe (26%) and the Baltic States, which scored only 18%. 

The best tips on how to improve employee engagement in your company

What makes employees feel engaged? According to our data, employees in India, Nigeria and Mexico are engaged because they: 

  • are inspired by their organization’s vision for the future 
  • get the opportunity to perform 
  • understand how their work contributes to their organization’s strategy 
  • get to be themselves around everyone they work with 

Give your employees opportunities to perform to build engagement 

Our research has split results based on geographical regions, size of companies, and more. We also looked at individual industries, and what engages employees in those industries. 

For IT, education and healthcare, employees being allowed to do what they do best came top when it came to the key drivers of employee engagement. 


Engineering differed slightly. There, obtaining and practicing key and relevant skills was the most important driver of employee engagement. 

Global Employee Engagement Index™

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