Effectory’s World-class Workplace presents the best employers of 2021

Marlies Pellikaan

Celebrating employership globally, in the Netherlands and in Germany.

Effectory’s World-class Workplace presents the best employers of 2021

Effectory reveals the three highest scoring World-class Workplaces of 2021.

  • GLOBAL: Icelandair Group
  • GERMANY: Gerresheimer
  • NETHERLANDS: a.s.r.

Any organization that shows excellent employership by scoring above their country’s benchmark or above the global benchmark on employership and employee Net Promotor Score (eNPS) can become a World-class Workplace.

Icelandair Group, a.s.r. and Gerresheimer were the three best-performing workplaces proving that they are great employers with an extremely satisfied and engaged workforce.


Icelandair Group shares their experience at the World-class Workplace event

At Effectory’s virtual event to celebrate great employership , keynote speakers such as HR guru Dave Ulrich shared their knowledge on engagement, employee experience and organizational success.

HR director Sveina Berglind Jónsdóttir from Icelandair Group was also at the event. She explained what this award meant to her organization:

We are very proud of this label, especially after last year, which was very challenging for our business as for other airlines. It’s truly rewarding and encouraging.

She also gave some expert advice for those aspiring to be a World-class Workplace winner:

Each company has different strengths to build on and different topics that need improvement. I think it is important to use measures like employee surveys and help each team create action-plans based on the results of such a survey. For the management team communication is very important: keep employees informed, be as honest and transparent as possible, and give employees the chance to have a voice.

The most objective quality mark for top employers

The World-class Workplace scan is a free, highlyregarded scan and is 100% based on employees’ opinions. Being available to all and having a strong scientific foundation by comparing scores to set pre-defined benchmarks, this is the most objective quality mark for employership on the market.

What makes an organization a World-class Workplace?

Over 1 million employees shared their feedback about their employers through World-class Workplace surveys in 2020. Their insights showed us that World-class Workplaces excel in making their employees feel valued and instilling a sense of pride and trust.

When working for one of these best employers, employees experience good opportunities to grow, are proud to work for the organization and feel enabled and encouraged to contribute to organization-wide success and ideas. Top employers also put significantly more effort into enabling their workforce to work autonomously versus those whose employees aren’t as satisfied.

Being a great employer pre- and post-COVID

The results showcase that employees feel more appreciated and acknowledged by their organization post-COVID than pre-COVID. Also, organizations offered their employees more autonomy post-COVID, which plays a key role in whether employees are satisfied at work.

Free World-class Workplace scans are available to all organizations

Any organization that is interested in becoming a World-class Workplace and getting indispensable insights into their employees’ engagement can run Effectory’s free scan. When scoring above the benchmark, organizations receive the World-class Workplace quality label.

Effectory offers employee listening solutions so that organizations can improve their performance based on employees’ feedback.

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