Employer of Choice

Meet the World-class Workplaces of 2023

We have just announced the best employers in the Netherlands and abroad, based on a large-scale survey of more than 1 million employees.

Anna Eliseeva

Strengthening Employership: Effectory’s World-class Workplace Event

During World-class Workplace HR professionals discussed the latest trends in employee wellbeing, organizational success, and inclusivity.

Sam van Diemen

Celebrating the 2022-2023 World-class Workplace Award Winners in Amsterdam on April 20

Join us as we honor the organizations that have earned the 2022 World-class Workplace label for their exceptional commitment to their employees. These companies have not only met but exceeded our 2022 global and industry benchmarks for Employership, Employee Engagement, Enablement, and eNPS.

Anna Eliseeva

Hybrid work is the key to your success

Effectory’s new whitepaper describes all the benefits of part-time remote working

Marlies Pellikaan

The World-class Workplace label boosts your leadership brand

Effectory's World-class Workplace celebrates excellent employership. It’s the best way to build a strong leadership brand.

Marlies Pellikaan

Dave Ulrich  reveals  how  to be ready for the future of work

Dave Ulrich is a global authority in human resources. We were very excited to welcome him as our keynote speaker at his year's World-class Workplace award show.

Marlies Pellikaan

The most important lessons from the World-class Workplace event

On May 19, Effectory presented three awards during a virtual event to the best performing World-class Workplaces in the Netherlands, Germany and Europe.

Marlies Pellikaan

Effectory’s World-class Workplace presents the best employers of 2021

Celebrating employership globally, in the Netherlands and in Germany. Effectory reveals the three highest scoring World-class Workplaces of 2021.

Marlies Pellikaan

Listen, learn & lead during World-class Workplace event

Which company is the best World-class Workplace of 2021? Effectory will announce this on 19 May during an inspiring virtual event with HR-guru Dave Ulrich.

Marlies Pellikaan

Employee turnover

For companies with satisfied employees, employee turnover is seldom a problem. Read on for 5 tips against unnecessary costs caused by high employee turnover.

Manoe Dentener