Hybrid work is the key to your success

Marlies Pellikaan

The pandemic has fundamentally changed employees’ work expectations. Post COVID, it’s very likely that employees want to continue having the flexibility to work remotely or from the office – the hybrid model of working.

Hybrid work is the key to your success

As the New York Times has written about the hybrid model: “Employers hope to give employees the flexibility and focus that come from working at home without sacrificing the in-person connections of the office.” 

Our new whitepaper, Hybrid working is the new normal: how are you preparing your company for the changes ahead?, guides you in understanding how working conditions are transforming. It is a one-stop shop for everything managers and organizations need to know when planning to give employees the flexibility about where they can work from.  

In the whitepaper, we highlight: 

  • what the hybrid working model is 
  • the benefits to employees of regularly working from home 
  • how hybrid work can positively impact any organization
  • some of the pitfalls to look out for 

Effectory’s mission is to improve employee engagement wherever possible. Hybrid working is a model we ourselves have embraced and are benefiting from. Of course, one of the important tasks in this new model is to keep in touch with employees and make sure they’re feeling heard. The best way to do that is through a relevant and well executed continuous listening strategy. 

As organizations embrace this new normal, it’s important that they keep in mind both the benefits and the challenges of remote work.  

Whitepaper: Hybrid working is the new normal

How are you preparing your company for the changes ahead? Tuning into the needs of your workforce will be vital to compete effectively in the post-COVID world.


The 3 ways in which the hybrid working model improves your workforce 

1. Work absence rates decrease by 41% 

Increasingly, top talent—particularly knowledge workers in developed economies—will seek out businesses that offer hybrid working models: enabling employees to divide their working week between their homes and offices. 

Organizations which meet these new needs of current and future employees will benefit from increased employee job satisfaction. And employee job satisfaction, engagement, and productivity are all strongly connected to decreasing absence rates. According to research by Gallup, teams that rank highly for engagement benefit from a 41% decrease in work absence rates, which reduces costs for employers.  

2. Talent retention is improved 

Organizations that embrace the hybrid working model will make themselves more appealing to talent. This includes both prospective employees but also talent that is already within an organization.  

Organizations which offer employees such flexibility will have a competitive advantage. Over half of the people surveyed by Gallup in 2020 indicated that they would leave their current job for one that offers flexible work time. 

Retaining talent is not only good for consistent performance, but also saves organizations money. Oxford Economic found that replacing just one employee can cost businesses the equivalent of €35,000. 

In 2021, UK financial services provider Nationwide found that 57% of its workforce reported that they wanted to work from home full-time once COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. On top of that, 90% of personnel working remotely during the pandemic indicated a desire to continue working from home for at least one day a week. 

Organizations which allow for that flexibility are a much more attractive place for the market’s top talent, and also demonstrate that they care about their workforce. 

3. Productivity increases 

A 2020 report coauthored by the Wharton School and Microsoft shows that the hybrid working model has increased productivity. Organizational cultures that promote innovation and employee engagement have seen no drop in the performance of their employees after initiating the hybrid work model. 

As the report says: “There have been many unexpected benefits from switching to remote work, including that employees and leaders report a high level of productivity despite working remotely. It seems that employees are able to hunker down and get less distracted while working remotely, and they can even enjoy less or no commute times, dressing casually (less time to get ready for work), and take better care of home chores.” 

According to the same research, 73% of business leaders say that employees are either equally or somewhat more productive working in a hybrid model. 10% of business leaders say that employees are significantly more productive in the hybrid model, compared to just the 2% who say that employees are significantly less productive. 

Whitepaper: Hybrid working is the new normal

How are you preparing your company for the changes ahead? Tuning into the needs of your workforce will be vital to compete effectively in the post-COVID world.


Keep an eye on employee wellbeing 

It’s important to remember that hybrid work can lead to some difficulties regarding employee wellbeing. While working from home offers many benefits, one in four employees surveyed by Effectory reported experiencing problems relaxing after the working day. Such a situation can produce burn outs and other negative events. As employees get more physically distant, it’s more important than ever to keep on top of employee wellbeing. 

Because every situation is different, it’s important that each organization knows about the specific challenges that its employees face. As a recent article in Forbes explains: “When people aren’t sharing physical space, they still need effective ways to work together. In transitioning to hybrid working, leaders cannot lose sight of the value of high-touch collaboration, and there are practical, attainable ways to prepare teams and organizations for this shift.” 

One of the best practical ways to prepare is by engaging employees through an effective, continuous listening strategy. Stop guessing, start listening. This won’t only help teams keep a track of and celebrate positive and exciting developments, but also ensure that issues and potential problems aren’t ignored. 

Find out more about hybrid work 

There’s plenty to think about in our whitepaper, Hybrid working is the new normal. Get informed and be fully prepared for the changes ahead. Effectory is here to help make sure your transition to the hybrid working model is a complete success. 

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