Hybrid work is the key to your success

Effectory’s new whitepaper describes all the benefits of part-time remote working

Marlies Pellikaan

Webinar series: employee engagement and leadership in times of crisis

Effectory is hosting a series of free webinars on employee engagement, management & leadership in times of crisis. Discover all topics and dates.

Marlies Pellikaan

Leadership is listening

What is the job of a manager during the coronavirus crisis?

Guido Heezen

The new normal: What it looks like for your organization

COVID-19 is changing the world. Even the working world. Whereas some companies are struggling, others are currently making huge strides forward.

Marlies Pellikaan

How an agile employee listening stategy drives organizational success

The new normal: adapting your employee listening strategy to your organizational needs. An agile approach to getting the best out of your people during COVID-19

Arne Barends

Second wave: What healthcare workers need to continue performing

During the second wave of coronavirus infections, healthcare institutions are again faced with the task of keeping their employees motivated and healthy at work

Rutger de Gardeijn

Technological unemployment: What’s next?

"Technological unemployment." This concept refers to the mass displacement of jobs due to technological change. But is that forecast realistic?

Marlies Pellikaan

Eight essential questions about employee productivity

At many organizations, employees are still largely working from home. These organizations will need their employees more than ever this fall.

Guido Heezen

Why is it important to listen your employees during a crisis?

The upcoming period is crucial for the future of your organization. Listen to the experiences, wishes and ideas of your employees now to win later.

Guido Heezen

Reboarding: Getting to grips with the new normal

To work from home, in the office or both? Smoothen the transition to the new way of working for your employees. Use our practical tips for reboarding.

Marlies Pellikaan