The most important lessons from the World-class Workplace event

Marlies Pellikaan

On May 19, Effectory presented three awards during a virtual event to the best performing World-class Workplaces in the Netherlands, Germany and Europe. In this article, we would like to look back on this energetic afternoon, in which a lot of useful HR-related knowledge was also shared. Are you watching?

The most important lessons from the World-class Workplace event

The World-class Workplace event was hosted by TV personality Ikenna Azuike. Inspiring guests alternated and the audience was regularly involved in the show by co-host Arjen Swank (Employee Engagement Specialist at Effectory).

>> Watch the aftermovie below! 

And the winners are …

The tension built up so that everyone was on the edge of their seats for the World-class Workplace awards. In the Netherlands a.s.r. won, in Germany Gerresheimer was awarded the title and Icelandair can call itself the best in Europe. 

Wise lessons from HR guru David Ulrich

The world’s number 1 management coach, HR professor and guru Dave Ulrich spoke during the virtual event about the importance of employee experience, what it actually means and how you build it within your organization. He also discussed how an organization can respond to a global crisis such as Covid-19. Curious about his wise words? View the complete recordings of the event below. Dave starts at 1:03:00.

Become a World-class Workplace!

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