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The Effectory International employee survey is Europe’s most extensively used attitudinal model. It is widely accepted as the industry’s most comprehensive model, encompassing all known attitudinal drivers. Employee engagement is a discrete construct next to efficiency, role clarity, leadership, productivity, motivation and other factors.

Current HR topics

Maximising human resources should be a goal for every organisation. Take a look at the current HR topics to find out if they match with your area of interest. Depending on the objective you have, you could start by maximising one particular HR topic (employee engagement for example), or start with maximising multiple topics.

The surveys we offer

Once you have decided which HR topic(s) you want to measure, you can then decide what kind of survey you want to conduct. The objective you have determines what type of survey would be most beneficial to you. Please take a look at the surveys we offer, to read more about the possibilities we provide.

Survey in multiple countries

Conducting employee surveys with multilingual employees, who also live and/or work in numerous countries, can be a complicated process. Effectory has extensive experience implementing employee surveys within multinational organisations. Read on and learn more about the top 10 key issues to consider when conducting a survey in multiple countries.

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