Employee Survey

Establishing a winning end-to-end employee listening strategy

Insights from a expert Roundtable held in partnership with HRD Connect. Effectory was joined by Credit Suisse's Martijn Seijsener.

Arjen Swank

The power of employee feedback – Effectory x The HR Congress Forum

Watch an HR Congress Forum presents session, hosted by Effectory, about the potential of employee feedback featuring HR specialists from Exact and Körber.

Marlies Pellikaan

How to Use People Analytics in Your HR Strategy

In this article you will learn what is People Analytics and What are the 5 steps to build a people analytics strategy.

Alexander Pietrus

Employee Engagement: The 20 best survey questions according to Effectory

Have you ever wonder what are the best employee survey questions to ask? In this article we list them all. Keep reading!

Marlies Pellikaan

Measuring employee engagement: Effectory’s parameters

Measuring employee engagement is possible with employee survey. Read our Effectory's article: discover how to measure engagement and the engagement parameters

Guido Heezen

Benefits of measuring Employee Engagement everyone should know

Why employee engagement is important? What are the benefits of running employee engagement surveys? Find everything you need in this Effectory's article.

Charly Landman

How to conduct an employee engagement survey – Effectory

How to conduct employee engagement survey? In this first article we will cover survey goals, stakeholders and anonymity.

Charly Landman

What is the return on investment of Employee Listening?

With the ROI calculator, you can calculate the financial return of employee surveys within your own organization online in minutes.

Guido Heezen

Employees are always eager to answer these feedback questions

If you really want to make good use of feedback, you need to ask questions about topics that employees actually want to talk about.

Arne Barends

Employee engagement survey criteria

How to choose the right employee engagement survey provider? Read the 6 essential Effectory's criteria for an employee feedback service.

Arne Barends