Now available: the Global Employee Engagement Index report 2013/14

Nik Penhale Smith

Over the last 12 months, we’ve been busy conducting our global employee survey in 52 countries worldwide. After concluding the analysis, we’ve just finished writing the new Global Employee Engagement Index™  report and below is a brief summary of the key findings.

About the report

Our global survey asked employees in 52 different countries across the world more than 100 questions. From the data and answers collected we then created a 10 point scoring system on 17 key HR themes. Each country was assigned a score for each of the 17 HR themes, and from there we ranked each of the 52 countries by score.

In the report we have decided to focus on the top and bottom ten scoring countries for each of the 17 HR themes. We compared and contrasted the lowest and highest scores for each theme, and we have produced a commentary on the regional trends, scores and change in scores for the top and bottom ten countries for each HR theme.

The good news

After careful analysis of the results, we were happy to discover widespread positive news and to see that the average global score of each of the 17 HR themes has increased. What’s more, none of the increases in average global score were insignificant.  

Of the 17 rises, the smallest (and most common) increase in a global average was 0.3 and the highest, was three times bigger, at 0.9. The HR themes that rose by 0.3 include customer orientation, willingness to change, work atmosphere and more, whilst role clarity showed the largest improvement in global score.

In the midst of the smallest and largest increases was further good news as the global score for both employee commitment and employee engagement rose, by 0.4 and 0.5 respectively.

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