Why consider a Collaboration Survey?

Invaluable feedback for your internal services
Focus on (internal) customer orientation
Improve the workflow and atmosphere at work
  • How does Collaboration Survey work?

    IT, Finance and HR: internal services are often the support pillars of the company. They enable the company to focus on their primary goal. That is why it is imperative that you know how your employees feel about these parts of your organisation. The Collaboration Survey makes all this possible.

  • Get started immediately

    Are you curious as to how internal services are functioning within your company? Do you want to know where you can improve? By selecting a Collaboration Survey, internal services can receive valid feedback with just one survey. We ensure that employees only receive questions that are relevant to them.

  • Good to know about Collaboration Survey

    • Multiple services receive feedback simultaneously
    • Employees only have to answer questions that are relevant to them
    • Result: an efficient and customer-centric company
    • Effectory has specific benchmarks for each staff department

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