Pulse Surveys

Receiving feedback from your organisation is always valuable, and there are many different ways to obtain this feedback. Often, organisations have a yearly centralised employee survey. These surveys provide insights into key issues within the organisation.

But these days, flexibility is key. That's why we've developed Pulse surveys, they're decentralised - by location or team – and can dive into specific themes within your organisation. For example, consider employees' workload following a merger, or perhaps the new role distribution within a sales team. With Pulse Surveys, you'll get highly-targeted feedback from employees as an organisation, or as a team, when and how you want it.

Pulse Surveys for the entire organisation

Get feedback and tips from your employees at any time by using the Pulse Survey’s short questionnaires

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Pulse Surveys for teams

Create your own surveys – Get direct access to defining issues that are relevant to teams

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