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About Effectory

Why Effectory?

With headquarters located in the vibrant and multi-cultural centre of Amsterdam, Effectory is Europe’s largest independent employee survey specialist and employee engagement experts. Together with our partners, we use the power of employee feedback, high quality dialogue and practical insights to drive employee engagement and continually improve organisational performance.

Our focus lies in creating awareness, bottom-up dialogue, and in motivating organisations to use the survey insights to drive employee engagement and employee commitment. Our aim is to make employee survey journeys effortless on the one hand, and yet impactful on the other. The near 20 years of experience that we’ve gained and our European roots means we are perfectly positioned to understand the subtle cultural differences, as well as the complex nature of conducting international surveys. 

What We Offer

Effectory offers organisations the chance to conduct a variety of employee surveys, using our very own bespoke survey tooling. In conducting an employee survey with Effectory, we help organisations create an open and genuine dialogue with their employees. From this dialogue, we strive to help organisations improve their performance and employee engagement, and furthermore, support organisations in reaching their goals for the future. Our surveys ensure 100% anonymity and give your employees a user-friendly and secure platform to engage with you.

We offer organisations internally imbedded action planning and, we equip your employees with the tools to contribute to organisational change and bottom-up social innovation. Our materials, philosophy and expertise will support your organisation in progressing to the next level. You will gain access to our extensive benchmark database, which includes: internal, industry and country specific, and customised benchmarks. Additionally, your organisation will benefit from the latest technology in employee surveys! (Including mobile apps)

How we work

Our approach to employee surveys is based on creating lasting partnerships with organisations. One of the main goals of our partnerships is to create high quality, honest and open dialogues. Effectory International invests considerable time in getting to know the strategic goals and challenges of organisations, and encourages organisations to invest time in getting to know us. 

With every partnership we build, we work with organisations and exchange knowledge that helps both our partners and us, to develop as organisations. We work tirelessly to make sure that we approach every project with a proactive strategy that supports our partners in improving their employee engagement, work environments, and organisational performance.