In-depth analysis option in Result & Action (drill-down)

Nik Penhale Smith

Result & Action is the new way to view the results of your employee survey. From this view you are able to convert the results into a concrete action plan. Every manager can easily browse the results of their own team, and furthermore, it is also possible to save striking scores by pinning them. By doing so, managers can take the striking scores into account when creating an action plan.

The right results on your screen with just one click

As of now, it is not only possible to view the results of your own department or team, but also the different results within the organisation. By clicking the button select a different group, you (as an HR manager) can easily click through the results of all departments/teams and can view the results that are part of your department/team.

This option is only possible if it has been agreed upon and if the settings have been adjusted accordingly.


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