Innovation in the making: Insight into (own) results for every employee

Josje Hoek

We are working hard on this function, and we’re confident it will be ready in the summer!

We will then be able to give every single employee the option to gain digital insight into their own responses (as opposed to the benchmark or the results of the entire organisation), as well as into the results of their own team. Please note that this option is only possible for employee surveys that have been conducted digitally.

Insight into own results

Employees will not only be able to access a digital overview of their own responses, but will also be able to see the differences between their own results and the results of other employees in the same country, the sector or the organisation.

In short this is a great starting point for employees to see what can be improved upon, as well as how it can be done!

How does it work? Directly after completing the questionnaire, employees will be able to view their own responses online. The environment where they can do so is completely secure, and the information is only accessible to the employee in question.

Insight into team results

When all the results are in, employees will also be able to view their own team results via the same secure environment. This means that the distribution of the results is no longer the manager’s responsibility, and all employees will gain insight into the team results at the same time.

In allowing employees to do this, there is complete openness about the results, and the responsibility of acting on them is placed more on the entire team instead of just on the manager.

If you have any questions about your employees gaining insight into their own results, or employees gaining insight into their team’s results, please contact your consultant or project manager.

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