Step #5: Taking action on survey results!

Marlies Pellikaan

A feedback process is effective only if something happens with the ideas obtained. What to do with employee engagement survey results? How do you ensure that improvement is actually going to happen? This is when you really have to get to work. Together with your employees, you will think about what actions you are going to take based on the survey results. Keep a close eye on whether or not the action points you have set up are actually carried out. In your next feedback process, you can then verify whether or not the insights have actually led to sustainable improvements.

Step #5: Taking action!

Presenting employee survey results

Plan the first reporting immediately after you have finished analyzing the feedback. Briefly discuss the ideas you have obtained with your employees. The feedback is full of great input for engaging in conversations and taking action together. Which ideas for improvement have been signaled? How can you apply them? It’s important to openly discuss issues that may be impossible or difficult to improve. Based on your list of priorities, you can then decide whether something is worth spending energy on or if it may be more valuable to focus on other issues that you can directly influence.

What to do with employee engagement survey results?

Focused, recognizable actions for improvement can increase the enthusiasm of your employees. What are your strengths and how can you improve even more in this area? Focused interventions on employee engagement survey results are more cost effective and easier to implement than large-scale, organization-wide improvement programs. And they can have a huge impact!

How to gather feedback from your employees

The definitive checklist for creating your employee engagement survey.



Once you have selected actions for improvement from the survey results, it’s important to follow the progress:

  • Think about who is responsible for monitoring each point of action.
  • Make sure that the points of action are included in your annual budget. This ensures that the feedback does not just remain a mere objective alone but that these ideas are integrated into your way of working.
  • Provide regular updates regarding the progress of your actions towards improvement. This motivates and helps everyone to remain sharp and alert.


Did the steps lead to positive results? The subsequent feedback process is the ideal time to determine that. You will then come to realize just how valuable your investments and efforts have been when acting on survey results. If you need to implement another feedback process in the future, you will be able to make a decision about it together. Employee engagement surveys are often limited to once every one or two years. The employees’ opinions are of course valuable throughout the entire year, especially when faced with constant changes. Customization is important here; the frequency of your feedback must suit your organization or team.

By using feedback and survey results as a sustainable instrument, you increase the probability of consistently improving yourselves and anticipating things that can be improved. This keeps your organization versatile, flexible and adaptable to change.

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